Resume for Kaare Danielsen, Ph.D.


Ph.D. degree in computer science, University of Copenhagen.

Bachelor degree in mathematics/statistics, University of Copenhagen.

Bachelor degree in business administration, organization and strategic planning, Copenhagen Business School.

Practical Background

1996-, Denmark. President of, an internet company that builds sophisticated web-sites on the internet. The web-sites include Aktienyt, the first web-site for Danish stocks, Job-Index, the largest Danish job-page, and Thor, the first Danish search engine, all developed in Perl. The web-sites have recieved lots of press coverage, including articles in Politiken, Jyllands-Posten, the front page of Børsen, and news spots on national television and radio. Both Job-Index and Thor are among the 20 most populaer web-sites in Denmark, according to a survey by Børsen Internet.

BrightWare Inc., Los Angeles (formerly a division of Inference Corp.). Moved to Los Angeles and started working for BrightWare Inc., one of the leading companies in expert systems, artificial intelligence, and object oriented programming tools for PC's and UNIX workstations. Worked on ART*Enterprise, a completely new product which combines artificial intelligence, object oriented programming and a graphical user interface builder in one product. The software is written in C++ and a proprietary LISP-like language called ART. Responsible for the interface to MicroSoft Windows, and also worked on the database interfaces to ORACLE and SYBASE. Project manager for porting ART*Enterprise from Microsoft Windows to UNIX and Motif using a product called Wind/U, which implements the Microsoft Windows interface on top of Motif.

YENO, France. Developed a 4K chess computer for the Motorola 68HC05 chip and sold it to various companies, including YENO in France.

AVS/UNIRAS, Denmark. a company that develops and sells advanced graphics software for analyzing and visualizing scientific data for UNIX workstations, VAX/VMS computers, and super computers. The software is written in FORTRAN and C. Worked as co-manager of the development department, which among other things meant that I had sole responsibility for the whole development department when my boss was away. This included participation in meetings with vice-presidents. The job as co-manager also involved participation in planning meetings, screening and interviewing job applicants, taking care of new employees, etc. As a member of the management group I also participated in a project about implementing Total Quality Management and a ISO-9001 Quality Assurance system. Before I was promoted to co-manager I worked as an ordinary member of the development departement. I developed the program UNIGRAPH 2000 (recently released in a new version called Gsharp) together with six others, and made enhancements to the other main product, Toolmaster agX. UNIGRAPH 2000 is a large program for numerical analysis and graph drawing, which is best described as a kind of "scientific spread sheet". Toolmaster agX is a graphics subroutine library designed to be used together with X Window and Motif. I also worked as deputy chairman of the committee for collaboration between the management and the employees, and as employee-elected member of the board of directors.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Worked on my Ph.D. thesis with a project on a completely new idea, multi-dimensional spread sheet outlining. Unfortunately I did not patent the idea. Instead somebody else did, and sold the patent to MicroSoft. In 1991 Microsoft marketed the idea as one of the most important new features in the spread sheet Excel 3.0. Contrary to the U.S., the job as a Ph.D. student in Denmark was a regular job with a regular salary, and the job was more like that of an assistant professor than like that of a student. The Ph.D. students belonged to the faculty just as the professors and had many of the same duties and obligations as the professors. Apart from working on my Ph.D. thesis I also organized and taught a master level course on data bases and 4th generation languages, and supervised several computer science students, including two who wrote their master thesis.

Borland International, California. Wrote the book Turbo GameWorks. The book included a diskette with programs for playing chess, Bridge and Go-Moku. Borland International no longer sells Turbo Gameworks, but the chess program is included as an example program together with Turbo Pascal and Borland C++.

CXG and SaiTek, Hong Kong. Founded the company LogiSoft ApS and developed a 4K chess computer, which was sold in approximately 200.000 units, and a 16K chess computer, which was sold in approximately 50.000 units. The 16K chess computer was one of the best 16K chess computers at the time, and the 4K chess computer is still the strongest 4K chess computer in the world. My work with chess computers has given me a lot of experience with development of mass-market software, where the quality requirements are extreme. For instance, my contracts stated that I had to pay the cost of making new masks, approximately 5000 dollars, if any bugs were found in my programs. My contract also stated that I was not entitled to any pay at all, if my programs were not finished in time for the Christmas sale.

International Awards

1st prize in the Danish division and 3rd prize in the European division of Philips Contest for Young Scientists and Inventors with a chess program for a Z80 home computer. The contest was open to all young scientists and inventors in Europe.

3rd place at the European Micro Computer Chess Championships and 5th place at the World Micro Computer Chess Championships.

1st prize in the Danish division of IFIP's Youth Programming Tournament with a program for mathematical function analysis. The contest was open to all high school students in Europe.

1st prize in a Scandinavian mathematics contest arranged by the Norwegian council for mathematics. The contest was open to all Scandinavian high school students.

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