Top 10 Classic Internet Jokes of all times

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Funny English Signs from around the World
Science Phrases Translated
Car Insurance Statements
Administratium, the heaviest known element
Funny Church Bulletins
Funny Signs from USA
Horrible Deaths in Heaven
Humor in the Courtroom
The Soap Saga
What kids think about love

Runners-up (in reverse chronological order)

More Courtroom Humor
Another Frog Joke
What Exactly Is Marriage?
Bill Gates quotes
GirlFriend 1.0
Husband 1.0
If restaurants functioned like Microsoft
English is tough stuff
Why Mountain Bikes are better than Men
Jokes about Mathematicians
The Programmer and the Engineer on an Airplane
The Parot and the Sailor
The Parot and the Burglar
Stranded on an Iland
Resume Bloopers
Computer Dictionary
Halloween Party
If architects had to work like software engineers
DOS Beer
DOS Airlines
400 trillion trillion pints of beer lost in space
Quotes about Computers and Software
Chain Letter to Jacques Chirac
Stupid Questions to Park Rangers
What I Learned in Corporate America
Penguin News
Dear Rich Bastard
Classified Adds
Simplifying the English Language
One-line Signatures Found on the Net
C+-, a new Subject Oriented Programming Language
Pentium Humor
Star Trek Lost Episodes
Is there a Santa Claus?
The MicroSoft Wife
Lightbulb jokes
Three Generations Compared
The Pope Drives a Limousine
How God Created the Computer
A Short Guide to Comparative Religions
The Object Oriented Toaster
The Old Man and the Parot
The Programmer and the Frog
American Marketing Disasters
What the 95 in Windows 95 really stands for
General Motors HelpLine
General Motors HelpLine, 2nd version

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